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About Us

2024 01 07
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Know About Ghar Al Saboun

Get ready for a new experience of beauty and refreshment at Ghar Salon! We provide you with everything you need to enjoy a skin care day or periodically. With our various services such as facials, facial hair trimming, and waxing, you will walk around with absolute confidence and freshness. Enjoy pure and radiant skin with Ghar Salon!


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To provide high-quality services in hair, skin, body, and nail care, utilizing the latest technologies and finest products, delivered by a professional and specialized team. We aim to create a comfortable and serene atmosphere that allows our clients to relax and enjoy a comprehensive and exceptional beauty experience.


To become a globally recognized destination for beauty and relaxation, offering a unique and distinguished beauty care experience that combines quality, luxury, and tranquility.

Why Choose Ghar Al Saboun

Unique Experience

Ghar Al Saboun offers a unique and distinctive beauty care experience, characterized by attention to detail and the provision of high-quality services.

Variety of Services

Ghar Al Saboun provides a comprehensive range of hair, skin, body, and nail care services, offering customers a holistic beauty care experience tailored to their needs.

Professional Team:

Ghar Al Saboun boasts a professional team of specialists and experts in the field of beauty care, who strive to deliver the best services and advice to customers.

Utilization of Latest Technologies

Ghar Al Saboun relies on the latest technologies and products in the field of beauty care, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services and stunning results to customers.

Tranquil and Comfortable Atmosphere

Ghar Al Saboun provides a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere, allowing customers to relax and enjoy their beauty care experience without any pressures.


Get ready to enjoy amazing results that make you feel confident and beautiful inside and out. Make your visit to Ghar Al Saboun a motivational moment that gives you a positive boost to take care of yourself and enjoy beauty like never before.

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